Soho Photo Gallery: National Competition Winner Jo Ann Chaus

Jul 13, 2022

Mercedes Jelinek/ juror: "I was introduced to a vast range of stunning images, which made choosing approximately 40 pieces from 172 entries (1628 images) quite challenging.

I started by identifying the strongest pieces based on my initial gut reaction. From there, I honed in on the photographs that made me crave more time to experience them, to investigate minute details, and caused me to ask questions. After sifting through these initial edits, I still had 100 plus works in the "Must Show" category. It was painful, but slowly I made eliminations one by one and, in doing so, uncovered similar themes and connections, creating an overall balance to the final exhibition.

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of some images and intellectually challenged by others. I want to remind those artists who were not selected that their work was carefully considered. I sincerely look forward to seeing them on gallery walls in the future. Finally, while a limited number of awards were given, each artist featured in this exhibition should know how much their work contributes to a robust show filled with outstanding skill, powerful emotional insight, and overall inspiration."