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National Portfolio Competition Winner: Gossamer

Soho Photo Gallery

Nov 16, 2022

Gloria Pereyra: In a texture-less world increasingly defined by the uniformity of Amazon packages, the Gossamer series of individually handmade prints on handmade paper brings a sense of what is unique and precious into our lives.  Each image of the Gossamer collection has been produced in a limited edition of five intaglio polymer photogravures.  The poem accompanies each print:


Let the memories wash over me.

In silence, they come one by one

In pursuit of each desire,

Each old wound, each triumph,

Each passionate flame, each phantom solace.

One memory surrenders to the next.

They are all set in silver and gold

And amethyst and peridot.

Dreams of a labyrinth of mysteries

And soft gloved caresses

That reach into my soul

For secret thoughts

That are all spun

Into an intricate gossamer.

Gloria Pereyra

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